Quantity Leather Pouch Order Information

For Your Special Product or for Your Big Event

Yes, Oh!Boyd Leather Pouches Are Sometimes Made in Large Quantities
(with Discounted Pricing)

A Quality Marketing Presentation
Unique Artistic Packaging
A Custom Fit Genuine Leather Pouch in

Oh!Boyd Style
Asking for a price quotation is not an obligation to make a purchase.


-- Only Oh!Boyd designed goods. No contract sewing.

-- Custom items for you to fit your requirements, but always in the Oh!Boyd style. Do not ask for a copy of another artisan's work or to make your designs.

-- All product design and photography rights remain with Oh!Boyd.

-- Please allow enough TIME for your order. If you need 300-1000 pouches for an event the end of July, you should be ordering on June 1, preferably before. Ask about current schedule and how much time will be needed to complete your smaller or larger order. NOTE: The smaller quantity orders do not take so much time.


-- Please furnish exact (no guesses) dimensions of your item/pouch contents - length, width, depth, and girth (circumference).

-- If you want your quantity pouches branded with your logo or other personalization, inquire for information, requirements, and recommendations.

-- To receive a quotation, simply submit exact dimensions of your content item (length, width, depth, girth), the number of pouches you intend to order, and any other details that you have in mind or require. You will be presented with a suggestion and some options, as well as prices.

The Fine Print
Please Submit Accurate Dimensions
Oh!Boyd designs and makes pouches for promotions, special events, gifts, and packaging,
quality items that are always usable, appreciated, and most times - used, saved, and treasured.

Please Verify the Details of Your Price Quote
If/When You Decide to Order, These Details Will Be Duplicated on Your Invoice and

Again on Your Order Confirmation

If/When You Place an Order with Oh!Boyd,
You May Cancel or Change Your Order Within 24 Hours of Placement
Read Terms of Sale for further information.